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1/4" Bluechip Pathway
chips aka cart Path Chip

$43.25 a tonne

Excellent blend of 1/4 minus rock containing fines that compacts into a tough base. This material is ideal for landscaping, gardening and paths.Also works well for packing fence posts. It's comfortable to walk on and push fully loaded wheelbarrows on.

1/2 Minus Blue driveway  Chips

$30.00 a tonne

There is nothing superior. This is the ultimate driveway chip!

3 inch minus.jpeg
3" Minus Road Base

$18.00 a tonne

A popular wet weather product generally used as a sub base for road and highway construction or where drainage is an issue. Suitable anywhere a large depth of good structural fill is required in preperation for further building such as under house foundations, under driveways, and concrete slabs. This material has the added benefit of being a "tight" material but still freely draining- something that cannot be found with with standard clay/dirt backfill on a jobsite.

blue chip 3_8_blue_web__04216.1395852422
3/4" minus blue chip driveway mix

$28.00 a tonne

Most commonly used in driveways and pathways. It's also used as decorative ground cover that packs well. An eye catching addition to flower beds, gardens, and landscaping projects. A crowd favourite. 

road base.jpg
3/4 inch road base

$19.25 a tonne

Road base is built to pack.I It's perfect for building up under paving stones (under bedding sand layer), retaining walls, poured concrete slabs , or roadways.

3"-6"Clear Rock

$23.00 a tonne

Used in ditch lining and an excellent sub base where drainage is a problem.

river rocks.jpg
River Rock 2" to 12" (non washed)

$40.00 a tonne

River Rock can be used to mulch around flower beds, vegetable gardens, trees, pathways and buildings. The weight of the stone and the way they block sunlight discourages weed growth. excellent ground cover with many decorative purposes as well. 

Pro Tip- combine the river rock with the drainb rock to get that authentic river bed look!

7/8"- 1 1/2" Drain Rock

$23.00 a tonne

Used for a multitude of purposes from decorative landscaping and ground cover, helping with draining issues, perimeter drains, septic fields, dry stream beds or even for top planters. 

34 clear fracture.jpg
1/2"-7/8" Blue Chip Hydro Rock
AKA. 3/4" Clear.

28.00 a tonne

This clear crush gravel is an excellent aggregate for landscaping, driveways, parking areas and draininage projects. It packs well but is still free draining as it contains no fines. 

 3/8 Pea Gravel

$45.00 a tonne

A smooth finish rock commonly used in walkways, dog runs, playgrounds, patios and a variety of high traffic areas. 

1 foot.jpg
1 foot  Landscaping Boulders 

$48.00 a tonne

Available in a range of sizes from 1 foot to 8 feet. Used in building of breakwater foundation. bridge support, and erosion protection. Also commonly used as decorative landscaping feature and decorative as well as functional rock walls. 

2 Foot Plus Landscaping Boulders

$31.25 a tonne

Great for building retaining walls, sean walls and decorative landscaping featu.res

$25.00 Per Ton
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