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Our skilled drivers deliver bulk materials from our Rock quarry throughout Central Vancouver Island. We also offer back hauling to our  recycling depot to help get rid of the yard waste on your site


Delivery Rates

Dual-axle dump truck

Gravel/Sand Capacity   10-12 yards          $100 an hour 

Soil/Mulch   14 yards                                  $125 an hour(BOULDERS)   


 Fee for “split loads”                               + $10

• bring two different bulk items in one delivery (restrictions apply)

Hauling Back Fill
• max. dirt capacity ~11 yards                  $100 an hour
• max. green garden waste capacity ~15 yards

If we have just made a delivery to your site, we can back-haul dirt or garden waste to our Landscaping Recycling Center at the rates listed above

The following terms and restrictions apply to back-haul deliveries:

  • Customer must provide a machine on site with high enough reach to load our truck.

  • Regular fees for dirt and garden waste disposal apply in addition to back-haul rates. See Landscape Recycle Centre page for disposal rates.

  • We do NOT back-haul: concrete/asphalt; boulders larger than 1×1×1'; mixed loads of yard waste and dirt; soupy mud

Frequently Asked Questions


“How quickly can you deliver?”


“How about now?” is not an uncommon phrase at Spider Lake Rock and Gravel. While we can’t always promise instant delivery, we’re really fast, and rarely need more than a few hours notice.

“Can you deliver to steep driveways?”

It depends on how steep your driveway is, what you need, and how much you need. If we think it’s going to be tricky, we can send a runner to check it out before we load up the trucks

“Why is there a delivery charge?”

We have to charge a delivery fee to cover commodities like fuel, but we also need to pay for the time and skilled labour required to safely load our vehicles, even if you’re located one block over.

You can use our simple bulk material calculator to calculate the amount of material you'll need, or call or staff at (250)927-7625  and we can work it out for you.


As a rough guide, one cubic yard will roughly cover the following areas (length x width x depth):

  • 18' x 18' x 1"

  • 24' x 12' x 1"

  • 12' x 12' x 2"

  • 10' x 10' x 3"

  • 20' x 5' x 3"

  • 10' x 5' x 6"

“What products can be delivered?”

Everything we sell!!


Book Your Delivery

Phone us anytime at 250-927-7625 or email us or visit us at our pitt at 2800 Marshland rd Qualicum Beach

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