A perfect bedding for leveling under pavers, block walls, and other applications.


A washed bedding sand used to top dress lawns, place under turf, and in play areas for kids.


A soil and sand blend that provides a great base and drainage for lawn seed or turf.

Dark Mulch 

Dark Mulch is a fir/hemlock bark mulch with a rich, dark-brown colour.

Fir Bark Mulch 

Our cedar free bark mulch is a rich mixture of tan to red-brown when dry, and darker red-brown when wet. This fine grind mulch ius made of a mixture of fir and hemlock. Great as a garden topper: helops retain moisture and gives a clean, tidy look. 

Fish Compost

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Grow Mix Soil

Offering a blend of good quality top soil mixed with sand and chicken manure. An excellent choice for to build-out large landscaping beds in preperation for general planting.

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Organic Garden Soil

This soil blend of organic compost with sand is our highest quality soil. Its a rich mixture high in nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus values to support strong plant growth. Its also an excellent soil ammender. Perfect for garden and flower beds alike.